Meet the Team


Rebecca is the master behind the madness! Having worked for Arthritis ACT for over 5 years as the CEO, she is the teams ‘Go to person’ in terms of designing and initiating programs along with doing all of the background nitty gritty stuff.

Rebecca has a background in nursing, as well as having worked with various other foundations.

JACQUI COULDRICK – Physiotherapist 

Jacqui is one of our part time physiotherapist. With over 20 years experience, she has a Masters in Public Health from the University of Sydney.  She runs our Good Life with Arthritis: Denmark (GLA:D) program which focuses on hip & knee Osteoarthritis. 

She describes herself as a mad Collingwood supporter with two young kids who likes to keep fit.

To find out more information about GLA:D, click here.

For the official GLA:D Website, click here.

NATHAN BURNS – Physiotherapist

Nathan is one of our part-time physiotherapist.  His services include ‘hands on’ manual therapy, exercise prescription and posture education.

Nathan is happily married with six children. Enjoys spending time with his family and friends; being outdoors; and exercising. He obtained his physiotherapy degree from Sydney University in 2006. He loves reading and learning about health and the human body.

GWEN ESTIGOY – Exercise Physiology Student/ Program Assistant

Gwen assists with classes we hold at our different locations. She studied a Bachelor of Health Science in Sydney, then began her journey studying Exercise Physiology in 2016 when she made the move to Canberra.

With only a year to go with her studies, she helps support our physiotherapist – Jacqui, and Exercise Physiologists – Sophie & Hannah with consultations, support group sessions and developing exercise programs.

Gwen originally joined Arthritis ACT as a volunteer, though as the organisation grew her role expanded to helping out more with admin, becoming a tai chi instructor and representing Arthritis ACT at community events.

Originally from Sydney, Gwen enjoys hanging out with friends & family, cooking and playing sport, her top 3 being soccer, oztag & basketball.

SOPHIE BULLOCK – Exercise Physiologist

Sophie is one of our Exercise Physiologists here at Arthritis ACT.

Sophie graduated as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist from the University of Canberra (2017) before continuing to study her Honours Degree (2018) investigating the effects of hydrotherapy and falls risk in older individuals with lower limb osteoarthritis.

Sophie is a Canberra born and bred girl who loves to get outdoors and lead her Scout Club on outdoor adventures. Sophie has a passion to help people integrate exercise into their daily activities allowing them to stay strong and independent as long as possible.

HANNAH GALLOWAY – Exercise Physiologist

Hannah is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, and an Accredited Exercise Scientist, graduating from the University of Canberra with a Bachelor of Exercise Physiology and Rehabilitation at the end of 2018.

Hannah grew up as a competitive swimmer and dancer, and has always had an avid interest in health, fitness and the benefits of exercise on physical and mental health. Hannah has a strong passion and drive to assist people to live their best lives by optimising their health through tailored exercise prescription and guidance.

MOHIT BATRA – Occupational Therapist

Rohit is our part- time occupational therapist, who is able to provide face to face consultations in one of the Arthritis ACT offices or in client’s homes. Rohit completed his Bachelors of OT from New Zealand. He offers interventions for a range of health conditions. Rohit has particular interest in the management of chronic conditions and assisting clients to stay safe and well at home. He has an in-depth knowledge of home modification processes and prescription of adaptive equipment/ adaptive technology to enable meaningful occupation.

Rohit is happily married with two very energetic boys who always keep him on his feet. He enjoys spending time with his family and watching sport. Rohit also enjoys travelling, exercising, cooking and watching movies in his spare time.

ERICA ROUGHTON – Dietician/Office Manager

Erica is our onsite Dietician at Arthritis ACT. She specialises in one on one consultations, focusing on goal setting, nutrition counselling and advice, disease specific intervention & education and meal plans.

She has been practising Dietetic work for 8 years and originally came on board as a health promoter. Previously she worked at Canberra Hospital though wanted to work in a more community-based environment. As Arthritis ACT grew, she found herself doing more Dietetic work and now assists clients in their health journey.

She describes herself as a mother & wife who has an obsession with food, travel, arts & crafts and spending time outdoors.

Linda Spurrier – Juvenile Arthritis and Parents Coordinator

Linda is our part-time juvenile arthritis and parents coordinator.

Kiwi born and bred moved to Australia to work as an RN a long long time ago…Spent 15yrs working as an emergency nurse (explains her sense of humour, ability to master any chaos and walk fast)then 8 years practice nursing in Canberra.

Originally joined the AACT Board in 2015. Then in 2018 became the Juvenile Arthritis and Parents co ordinator at AACT. Passionate about supporting younger consumers to self manage their health, and being a consumer advocate for people living with inflammatory arthritis and musculoskeletal disorders.

Linda has 2 teenage sons. Enjoys travelling to New Zealand, gardening, walking, cycling, drinking coffee and not sitting still, life’s too short for that.

NATALIE BICE  – Office Administration

Natalie is that friendly voice on the other end of the phone when you call. She has many hats that she wears in the office from President of First Impressions to Organiser of the Staff to Office Entertainment lead. She has also had many careers from running her own Photography business to working in Primary schools as a Preschool Assistant and Learning Support Assistant to sewing wedding dresses many moons ago. She is the mum of 4 teenage boys which might explain the slightly quirky sense of humour and the coffee that is always on her desk. Her aim is life is to raise well adjusted kids who will go and live their best life. Then she will pop her feet up with a glass of wine and live a happy quiet life.

MICHAEL FARR – Consultant

Michael is a consultant with Arthritis ACT.  Here was previously the office manager for 10 years and was responsible for everything in the office relating to admin, IT and finance.

He has been working in IT for over 30 years for various organisations, then decided to make the move to Arthritis ACT 10 year ago. He was originally brought on board as a Volunteer Co-ordinator though as Arthritis ACT emerged, his role transformed into office manager and now a part-time consultant.

Originally a country boy, he moved to Canberra for IT opportunities and has now settled down here. Michael prides himself on being a husband, father of 3 and grandfather of 4. His hobbies are his grandchildren, gardening, woodwork (furniture restoration) and of course, IT.

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