NDIS Services

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is an Australian Government initiative to provide a person centred support system giving people with disability a choice and control.

The NDIS focuses on removing barriers that are faced by people living with disabilities, their families and carers. Arthritis ACT is a registered NDIS service provider. Our NDIS program focuses on diet and exercise, improving functionality through good nutrition and exercise.

Arthritis ACT is committed to providing personally tailored programs and services to people across the ACT region living with any disability.


Our Dietician offers initial and review consultations in form of:

Face-to-face consultations;

Web based consultations; and

Home visits

Support in between consultations is provided in the most convenient and beneficial way, to you, with the regularity and level of support decided by you and your individual requirements. Support and counselling are crucial to empowering you with all the relevant information and practical advice you will need to motivate yourself to make healthy choices.

Our Dietician assists you with:

Calculating your nutritional requirements in relation to weight, physical activity and personal goals

Provides you with tailored meal plans or personalised eating guideline based on analysis, depending on your preference

Provides education plans based on your personal requirements and goals

Provides your health professional with as required practitioner summaries

Provides an assessment of current nutritional status, including comprehensive dietary assessment and analysis of the acro and micro nutrient content of your current diet.

Please note: Our dietician can see adults only and does not cover enteral feeding regimes

Occupational Therapy Services- Register your interest now!

Equipment Prescription

Aids for Daily Living Assessments

Join Protection Programs

Fatigue Management and Pacing Strategies

Planning Tools

Work/ Productivity Assessments

Minor Home Modifications

Social Groups

Exercise Programs

Strength & Balance Program

Our Strength and Balance program is designed by a Physiotherapist and is conducted over 10 week blocks to improve your muscle strength and prevent falls through improving your balance.

Each 10 week block includes assessments and goals to improve your functionality.

Hydrotherapy Program

Our Hydrotherapy program can be self- directed or supported depending on your needs.

Self-directed programs include an initial assessment and exercise prescription from our Physiotherapist, with follow up reviews at agreed timed, then inclusion in our regular self-directed hydro sessions.

Directed Small group classes can be organised with an allied health worked in attendance to lead you through your sessions. This program will include an initial assessment, exercise prescription, goal setting and review at agreed times.

Tailored Exercise Programs

Do you need a tailored exercise program for either Hydrotherapy or Land based exercise regimes? Our Physiotherapist can, after an assessment, design a tailored exercise program for you that can be carried out either in conjunction with our other programs or independently. This will include goal setting and reviews to ensure you are meeting your goals and further adapting you exercise regime as you meet and exceed your goals.


For more information on the services provided by Arthritis ACT and how they work in conjunction with the NDIS, please contact us on 1800 011 041 or email info@arthritisact.org.au

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