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Yoga for the management of pain and sleep in rheumatoid arthritis: a pilot randomized controlled trial

The aim of the present study was to determine the feasibility of a relaxation‐based yoga intervention for rheumatoid arthritis, designed and reported in accordance with Delphi recommendations for yoga interventions for musculoskeletal conditions – read more

Ibuprofen health warning: Cheap painkiller raises the risk of heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure in arthritis sufferers

Arthritis sufferers are at greater risk of heart disease and stroke if they take ibuprofen to dampen their pain, a study shows.

The common painkiller, available in corner shops, supermarkets and petrol stations, had a more profound effect on raising blood pressure than other similar medications – read more

Tai Chi for preventing falls

This study looked at over 3800 participants and found the risk of falls reduced significantly in the Tai Chi group compared to a control group (people who did not do anything). The risk of falls was less if you participated frequently in Tai chi. Yang style Tai Chi as used by Arthritis ACT was found to be better than other forms of Tai Chi – read more

Exercise as Therapy

Exercise training has emerged as a potential therapeutic tool in counteracting systemic inflammation, thereby leading to better clinical outcomes. The aims of this review are i) to provide a summary of the clinical effects of exercise training in selected autoimmune rheumatic diseases; and ii) to discuss the potential anti-inflammatory role of exercise training in autoimmune rheumatic diseases, stressing the gaps in literature and the clinical and scientific perspectives in the field – read more

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